WHY Study at GMU

To have diversity in student groups and to further support qualified national students, GMU has opened its doors to international applicants.

Operational since 2005 addressing local and regional educational needs, GreenHeart Medical University (GMU) is an institution on solid footing offering quality medical education coupled with a lifelong relationship of support to its alumnus.

Although our Board of Directors and Advisors incorporates experts and professionals from across the globe including Guyana, United States, UK, and India, GMU considers itself a Guyanese institution and should be differentiated from other offshore American institutions in the Caribbean basin.


  • Highly qualified local faculty, primarily PhDs, FRCS, MBBS and MDs

  • Qualified adjunct faculty members from esteemed institutions in the United States, United Kingdom and other countries

  • Accelerated degree programs offering three semesters a year

  • High affordability with the lowest tuition structure in the region

  • Innovative curricular structure with early practical & clinical exposure

  • Availability of multiple accredited clinical training sights via affiliation with local teaching hospitals

  • Availability of options for clinical training and clerkships in the United States, United Kingdom and other countries at accredited clinical facilities for qualified candidates

  • GreenHeart Teaching Hospital to be developed within coming years