Transfer Applicants

GMU accepts students seeking a transfer into our medical, pharmacy or nursing program coming from accredited institutions.

Students seeking a transfer into the medical program at Pre-Clinical or Clinical level should be from an accredited medical school that is listed in AVICENA directory and IMED.

Applicants for advanced standing must meet the entire current first year program entrance requirements and must present undergraduate credentials comparable to those of students in the semester which they are seeking to transfer.

Applicants seeking transfer into GMU should apply for validation of subjects taken and passed at the previous institution.

Transfer applicants must be in good standing at their previous institution, and should furnish letters of recommendation from the dean and faculty of the school where they are currently enrolled.

Transfer Application Process:

Transfer applicants should submit the following;

  1. Completed application form with application fee
  2. Original transcripts (copies accepted for preliminary evaluation)
  3. Letter/s of recommendation.
  4. Personal letter explaining the reason for transfer
  5. Supplemental information (additional may be requested)
  6. Request for validation of subjects (transfer credential evaluation)