Student Affairs

Dear Student,

Welcome to the GMU Office of Student Affairs.

Whether you are a current student or new student joining shortly, our office will remain central in assisting you in all relevant academic and non- academic matters.

The major functions of this office include

1. To improve the quality of life for all GMU students.

To prepare them for successful careers and allow them to remain healthy and active.

2. To promote student leadership and professional development.

Help students address special needs or difficulties and provide opportunities for them to be involved on campus, in athletics, with organizations or administrative committees.

3. To serve as a student advocate

To ensure that student voices are represented by working with the students who have concerns or suggestions. To continue to improve and develop programs and services that meet the their interest.

4. To expand opportunities for students

To help students learn about GMU, adjust to their new environment, interact with different people, and learn the culture and customs of Guyana. The department also creates a connection between new students and seniors by teaming them through mentorship programs, community services and other activities.

5. To help motivate and inspire students

The department assists students in devoting proper time and energy to educational and purposeful activities both inside and outside the classroom.

6. To provide counseling services

The department assists students in defining career and academic goals, assisting with course selection and program planning, providing academic and non-academic counseling to students to improve their self-esteem and instill a sense of confidence and the ability to manage their studies systematically.

7. Responsible for international student's welfare and well-being.

By acting as first point of contact, the department helps international students adapt to both campus life and life in Guyana. We provide information which assists them during their stay at GMU and enhances the overall quality of the their experience.