School of Nursing

Few Careers are more in demand today than nursing, a profession that has undergone profound changes in the last half century and remains integrally linked with the practice of medicine.

Guyana is known for producing quality nurses. However with an increase in demand for nursing professionals around the globe, many of our registered nurses in the country have found employment abroad, mainly in the United States where half million new nursing jobs are expected to be created in the next ten years.

To address the shortage and constraints faced by local, regional and international health sectors for qualified nursing staff, GreenHeart Medical University established its School of Nursing in 2005 to offer professional degree programs in nursing.

As a student, at the time, having a well-written work with minimal input of your own and hired a seasoned pro to write my medical paper, it sounded like heaven. Well, let’s first try to understand exactly what a nursing profession is. It is an ancient and trusted way of cleaning the airwaves from the grave to the streets, making essay writers sure that all the little girls were safe and clean.
Nursing is an art that involves human effort to get the perfect fit for each customer. While it is an essential part of life, it becomes a tedious job just trying to satisfy the standards set and meet the busy schedule. Hence the need to become a professional whenever you feel overwhelmed.