Registrar's Office

Dear Student's

Welcome to GMU Registrar Office.

GMU Registrar's Office is a multi-tasking center, playing a central communication relay role for all students during your education and also after your graduation.

During your stay with GMU we will be monitoring your academic progress and performance. The goal of this office is to maintain your file with up to date and accurate information on your financial and academic status, working closely with deans, faculty and staff.

It is also the responsibility of this office to address all inquires relating to transfer credits, enrollment status, copies of transcripts enrollment letters, class registration, visa letters, etc.  As a student services office, we remain committed to providing students with timely accurate service.

We encourage you to remail in good standing with the institution during your studies by timely class registration and submission of all documents requested, timely tuition payment, and regular class attendance.

Good luck and best wishes,



  • New student registration
  • Documents collection and file completion
  • One time class registration
  • Grade collection, record update
  • Academic progress report and GPA calculation
  • Certificate of enrollment
  • Class scheduling and information
  • Academic calendar scheduling
  • Dean's letter
  • Letter of enrollment
  • Other official certifying letters
  • Semester or class deferments
  • Transcripts issuance
  • Registration for licensure examinations (CFLEX-RN, USMLE, CAMC etc.)
  • Registrar's office forms
  • Leave of absence
  • Clerkship request
  • Class withdrawal
  • Waiver forms
  • Graduation request
  • Graduation requirements follow-up and preparation
  • Policies regarding registration for clerkships
  • Elective rotation abroad