SCHOLARSHIPS available for qualified and deserving candidates
Financial Assistance available for National Students

Hands-On Clinical Training Experience
Accelerated Degree Programs
Early Clinical Exposure

GMU will provide assistance to qualified candidates for clinical training at ACGME accredited teaching facilities in the United States.



Acquire Hands-On Clinical Experience

Externship opportunities for qualified candidates available in Guyana. Externship opportunities will be facilitated in United States for qualified students

Internships available


WELCOME to GreenHeart Medical University (GMU), an institution committed to providing academic excellence, educational innovation and the promotion of ethical values in our students.

Dedicated to providing a variety of accredited and recognized programs in health sciences, GreenHeart currently offers professional degree programs in Medicine, Nursing, and Pharmacy, through an integrated curricular approach of theory, practice, and clinical exposure.

We strongly believe that the basis of professional development is dependent on an educational environment using new methodologies in teaching and learning alongside the use of new technologies.

At GMU, our programs offer students the opportunity to develop the scientific thinking necessary to become skilled professionals with outstanding clinical skills.

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