Financial Assistance

GMU offers a Financial Assistance Package to all deserving National Candidates applying for the medical program. For additional details, contact the Admissions Office at 592-227-561.

Student Loan:

GMU Students are eligible to apply for educational loans from various private loan lenders. GMU administration will provide all possible assistance needed to facilitate the process.

US citizens and permanent residents, as well as Canadian citizens, are eligible to apply on their own as long as they are credit worthy.

Students from other countries including India are eligible to apply to banks under Foreign Education loans for Students.

We highly recommended that you apply with a co-signer to increase loan approval chances.

Tuition Fee installment & Payment Plan:

Students who are unable to pay the full tuition fee at the beginning of the semester may choose to enroll in a Payment Plan Option that will allow them to pay their tuition in two (2) installments, after approval of their written request from the management.

The first installment of the tuition fee would be payable before the commencement of the semester (please refer to the academic calendar for actual tuition deadlines), and the second installment to be paid in form of a post-dated check due not more than two (02) months into the semester.

A one time processing fee of US$ 100 will be charged to students seeking enrollment in the payment plan.

Students with some form of financial assistance or scholarship will not be considered for payment plan options. Also, seat deposit, one time registration fee, student services fees and clinical training outside of Guyana will not be covered under installments by payment plan options.

Payment for student services shall be levied in addition to tuition. These fees may include provision of student visa, housing, special classes, repeat examinations, conduct of examinations, issuance of certifying letters or official transcripts etc.

Tuition Reduction:

TWO (2) or more students from the same family shall be entitled to 5% reduction in overall tuition fee, provided they enroll in the same semester.

Student groups consisting of more than FIVE (5) students seeking enrollment in the same program shall also be entitled a minimum tuition reduction. The tuition reduction for such group would be dependent on their total number and additional factors.