Tuition & Fee

GMU Tuition & Fee structure differs depending on the program attended and student's category.

Tuition Structure for national Guyanese students differs from the structure offered to international students with options of Financial Assistance and Scholarships available to those who qualify.

Tuition Structure for International Students may also vary depending on the country of their origin and availability of any Financial Assistance and / or Scholarships.

For additional details, contact your local area GreenHeart Representative or the Office of Admissions at


Tuition & Fee Policy

All tuition & fees are in US dollars. Tuition and fees must be paid before the start of each semester or year (per tuition package) in a timely manner after the student has undergone the course selection process and before the established deadlines.

Tuition payments are to be paid via Cashier's Checks, Credit Card, Postal Money Orders, Traveler's Checks, payable to Greenheart Medical University. Cash payment can be accepted by direct deposit from students present on campus.

A late tuition fee of US$ 200.00 will be charged to students after the tuition payment deadline with further delays resulting in additional fines. Students attending classes without tuition payment will be marked as ‘absent' until the arrears are cleared and the fee is paid.

A US$ 150.00 fee will be charged for any check returned to the University for any reason.

Administrative fee of US$ 50.00 is charged for all payments made via wire transfer and for all checks issued outside of United States and Guyana.

GMU reserves the right of changing its tuition & fee structure per circumstance and needs under the recommendation of its Board of Directors.

Tuition Refund:

For newly accepted students, seat deposit, application fee, onetime registration fee of US$ 500 and credit evaluation fee (transfer students) is non-refundable. Tuition Refund Policy applies to both National and International students.

Refund Schedule of Tuition Fee for withdrawal from the semester or program;

One week before commencement of classes 100%
Before the end of first (1st) week of classes 100%
Before the end of second (2nd) week of classes 70%
Before the end of third (3rd) week of classes 50%
Before the end of fourth (4th) week of classes 25%
After fourth (4th) week of classes 0%

Students seeking tuition refunds or semester withdrawal should present genuine cause. In the event a student formally withdraws from the university after commencement of classes, a grade of "W" or "WF" will be recorded, depending on the time and circumstances of their withdrawal.

GreenHeart Medical University Board of Directors reserves the right to change tuition and adjust fees or to establish additional fees or charges whenever in their opinion such action is deemed necessary.

Additional Fee & Service Charges

Applies to to both National and International student groups. Certain fees and service charges may be waived depending on the tuition fee structure offered and / or scholarship and may not apply. For additional details, please contact the admissions office

Application Fee - US$ 75.00 One Time - Non Refundable (NR)

Seat Deposit - US$ 1000.00 - Paid One Time by new students on acceptance to reserve their seat. Seat Deposit is a part of tuition and will be deducted from the student's tuition fee

Registration Fee - US$ 500.00 One time, Non Refundable (NR). Paid on first semester registration

Administrative & Enrollment Fee - US$ 150.00 (NR) - Per semester

Late Tuition Fee - US$ 200.00 - Charged for tuition not paid on or before the tuition due date.

Repeat Examination Fee - US$ 200.00 (NR) - Per Make-up Examination for "D" or "I" grades

Shelf Examination Fee (GMU Campus Only) - US$ 100.00 Per Examination - Non Refundable

KAPLAN Review - US$ 500.00 to 2000.00 (Optional)

Exit Examination Fee - US$ 500.00 (NR)

Official Transcript - US$ 25.00

Duplicate Transcript - US$ 10.00 (Additional Copy)

Official Bonafide Letter - US$ 10.00

Financial Aid Processing Fee - US$ 150.00 (NR) One Time, for Payment Plan Processing

Wire Transfer Fee - US$ 50.00

Returned Check Fee - US$ 100.00

Student Health Insurance - US$ 200.00 Per year

Malpractice Insurance - US$ 1300.00 Per year (For students completing Clinical Clerkship in US)

Credit Evaluation Fee - US$ 250.00 (NR) One Time (For transfer applicants only)

Graduation Fee - US$ 700.00 (Degree, Final Transcripts, MSPE & other Documents)

Convocation Fee - US$ 300.00 (Includes gown and other graduation related accessories)

Per Credit Hour Fee - (For less than 11 credit hours per semester)

National Students
Pre-Medicine / Nursing & Pharmacy Programs US$100
MD Program (Pre - Clinical) US$150

International Students
Pre-Medicine / Nursing & Pharmacy Program US$200
MD Program (Pre - Clinical) US$300