Admissions Process

The Admissions Process at GreenHeart Medical University is a two step process.

Initial Application Processing

The Process starts by the creation of the prospective student's file once the admissions department receives the completed and signed application, application fee and initial processing documents (Step - I).

Each applicant's credentials received along with completed application form are evaluated by the Committee on Admissions. The committee may request additional documents from the applicant if required before coming to a final determination if an interview is to be granted.

Interviews are conducted by Director of Admissions, Admissions Committee member OR department heads and are scheduled in advance by invitation only at feasible a time and date. The interviewer turns in his or her observations with recommendations for a final decision to be made.

Students may write to the Director of Admissions at any time during the process if there are significant concerns or questions to be answered

Upon Acceptance

On acceptance, the student will be issued a "Letter of Acceptance" that includes the terms of their acceptance which may include request for additional documents. Accepted applicants usually have three weeks time (or as indicated under the terms of their acceptance) to respond to that offer by reserving their seat. Students who are accepted into GMU and fail to reserve their seat in a timely manner would forfeit the terms of their acceptance and their seat would be given to the next qualified candidate.

Deferment of Acceptance

The university reserves the right to defer acceptance under some circumstances. A student who has been accepted into GMU may also chose to defer his or her acceptance for the following semester by sending a written request to the admissions department with explanation.

A deferment of matriculation not exceeding one academic year (02 semesters) may be granted to accepted applicants who present such a request in writing to the Committee on Admissions explaining the reasons for the request and a focused and productive plan of activity for the duration.


GreenHeart Medical University reserves the right to reject any application for admissions from both Resident / National and International applicants. Student denied admissions may appeal the decision with the Director of Admissions or Admissions Committee.

All applicants are expected to respond truthfully and completely to questions in the application form, during interviews, and any  written communication. Providing false or misleading information during the application process will automatically result in denial of admission or, if enrolled before discovery of irregularity in the application process, may be dismissed.

GreenHeart Medical University will not be held liable or responsible for any problems that may arise if students fail to submit complete admission materials requested, including official transcripts from their previous institutions.