RN to BSN Nursing Curriculum

The accelerated one year RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) option at the GreenHeart Medical University, School of Nursing, designed for already licensed Registed Nurses (RN) who are looking to broaden their education and increse career options.

The Curricular Requirement for the One Year Post RN to BSN is 60 credit hours.

Required Nursing Courses (42 CRH)

Nursing Informatics
Concepts & Theories in Nursing practice 2
Health Assessment 2
Understanding Research 2
Management and Leadership 2
Community Health 2
Family Health 2
Teaching and Learning for Health Professional 2
Home Health 2
Issue in Home Health Nursing 2
Trends and Issues in Nursing and Health Systems 2
History of Medicine & Medical Terminology 2

Required Non-Nursing Courses (06 CRH)

English 3
Nursing Statistics 3

Electives & Practicum (12 CRH)

Practicum (Nursing, Non-Nursing, Labs and Research work) 6
Electives   (02 or more areas of specialties) 6


 Electives will be led by senior nurse tutors in a hospital or community setting

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