Pre-Medical Program

The pre-medical program is designed to assist students in pre-professional preparation for a career in medicine while at the same time allowing them to accelerate their career plans by offering all medical pre-requisite courses in a span of 16 months.

Consisting of under-graduate (college level) science and humanities studies with emphasis on pre-medical courses, our pre-medical program provides sound preparation in developing critical thinking, good communication skills as well as a foundation for advanced health science courses.

The program comprises two (02) academic years of concentrated studies in foundation building courses covering a total of 90 credit hours within 04 semesters, completed in 16 calendar months.

The Pre-Medical curriculum is designed with a focus on attaining standardized and internationally acceptable pre-requisites for graduate level medical studies. It has sufficient flexibility for students to pursue extensive research and advanced degrees, participate in special tracks, and explore additional avenues of professional growth in the field of health care including medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, optometry, physical therapy, and other allied health professions.

Upon completion of the pre-medical level, students must demonstrate to the faculty and their advisors that they have acquired and possess the desirable academic ability and personal attributes for advancement into the regular Medical Program at the Basic Medical Sciences level.


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