Medical Program

GMU's medical program is divided into Basic Medical Sciences (BMS) and Clinical Medicine (CM).  

During the first two years (05 semesters), students develop knowledge of the basic medical sciences under direct supervision of qualified professors. Students are taught the scientific basis of health and disease in courses covering biomedical sciences taught in combination with clinical correlations, utilizing patient and physician educators to maximize the learning experience.

On completing BMS and passing the comprehensive examinations, the students are allowed to progress into Clinical Medicine.

CM covers the last two (02) years (05 semesters) of the program, consisting of 80 weeks of mandatory clinical clerkships (rotations)  in Internal Medicine, Surgery, Psychiatry, Emergency Medicine, Community Medicine, Trauma, Pediatrics and Obstetrics & Gynecology.

GMU students rotate thorough clerkships where they master the core knowledge and skills of each clinical discipline. Medical decision making and clinical skills are taught, developed and assessed by rotating in hospital ward teams, medical offices and meeting with senior clinical faculty preceptors who mentor, teach and assess their student charges.

All clinical training is provided at affiliated accredited teaching hospitals in Guyana. Clinical clerkship abroad at affiliated teaching facilities in United States, Europe and Asia are also available to qualified students.

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