Curricular Highlights

Upon graduation, our students will enter their respective professional fields and will be spending most of their time in a clinical environment whether in hospitals or clinics.


Longitudinal Clinical Care Experience (LCCE)

From the very first year of their professional education, our medical and nursing students at the pre-clinical level are exposed to early clinical experience for a practical clinical structure experience via LCCE practical product.

Our pre-clinical students are given early exposure to the clinical environment, procedures and patient interaction by pairing them with clinical level students, medical faculty and different private preceptors on a weekly and rotating basis.

These skills are introduced during the student's first venture into the curriculum and then taught and evaluated during the course of their education increasing each year with maximum exposure in the final semesters.

Community Clinical Service

There is a great need for health care around us. At GreenHeart we understand our responsibility to the community and incorporate community health care into the education of medical and nursing students.  GreenHeart medical and nursing students, under the supervision university administrators, clinical preceptors and faculty are required to respond to these needs as part of the curriculum.

Pre-clinical students are involved in community services via medical fairs and other programs which include practical work in basic medical examination and tests with supervision from faculty physicians and senior clinical level students.


An important aspect of clinical training is to provide medical students with "Clinical Skills Foundation Development".
Medical educators emphasize a basic medical foundation prior to clinical training.  We discovered recently an overall poor assessment in learning objectives acquisition by 3rd year medical students in the United States, and are striving to address this issue in our students.

Procedural Skills Observation (PSO)

In keeping up to date with latest developments in educational techniques, GMU allows its qualified students access to to the PSO program that offers high quality imagery, animation and audio commentary during final stages of pre-clinical training sessions.
This ensures that students have acquired sufficient clarity on what to expect during their clinical phase before starting their clerkships.


Standardized Clinical Simulation (SCS)

Along with the skills, attitudes and behaviors learned through core clerkships, students are given the opportunity to practice their skills in a safe, controlled environment that includes using coached actors to simulate actual patient care and experience.

SCS provides a good platform in advance for our students attempting USMLE Clinical Skills Assessment Test by preparing them in necessary skills and United States-based objective standardized clinical examination and history taking.


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