BSN Program - Career Paths

GMU Bachelor in Nursing program is intended for students looking to expand their career opportunities in the field of health care. Qualified nurses are in demand in Guyana, as they are all over the world including the United States and European countries.

The curriculum model and teaching methodologies utilized in the program prepare our students for qualifying examinations offered by the National Nursing Council ot other international nursing licensure exams.

Upon graduation and successfully passing these qualifiying exams, the student is able to seek positions such as registered nurse, clinical nurse manager or charge nurse.

For nursing licensure in United States, international graduates are required to pass CGFNS and NCLEX-RN examinations.

CGFNS is an internationally recognized nonprofit organization dedicated to validating international nursing professional credentials and support regulatory and educational standards for health care professionals.

The NCLEX tests are required to receive professional licensure in the field of nursing and are created by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN).

GMU Nursing graduates intending to practice in United States will be guided to credential assessment and passing CGFNS and NCLEX-RN examinations.

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