Clinical Experience

GMU maintains a COMMITTMENT of improving the quality of healthcare in our community by developing highly skilled graduates.

The clinical clerkship level of curriculum is devoted to gaining clinical experience by our medical and nursing students.

In the last two years of our medical program, students undergo integrated clinical learning experience with core and elective clerkships in different disciplines, learning common presentations of disorders seen in clinical practice.

GMU has ONSIGHT CLINICAL TRAINING available for its students by affiliation with several local hospitals including Georgetown Public Hospital, a 600 bed teaching facility managing about 10,000 inpatients and approximately 100,000 outpatients per month.

Students are not only trained via simulation and observation, but in their final year are required to gain additional hands-on clinical experience to acquire the skills necessary to become practice-ready medical and nursing professionals.

We continuously improve our Clinical Program through developing new partnerships and affiliations developed locally as well as internationally.

Qualified medical and nursing students also have the option of completing their clinical training in the United States, United Kingdom and other locations.  GMU has developed articulation agreements with an extensive network of ACGME affiliated clinical facilities in United States where our qualified medical and nursing students can complete their core and elective clinical rotations.

Our clinical faculty is composed of experienced and highly skilled clinical educators who are committed to teach and give our students  opportunities to care for patients under their supervision.


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